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TV & Web Campaign – 2022

VillaVerde, Ideas never run out
Brief & context
  • Brief: In line with a vast project to digitize its sales, VillaVerde wanted to launch a major web & visual communication campaign. This project aims to be the founder of a new image dynamic for a booming brand.
  • Objectives: Increase brand awareness throughout France, strengthen its visibility on its core target & conquer new market shares on a younger audience.
  • Production: Produce impactful, storytelling and coherent spots in order to establish the brand as one of the major players in its sector, while cultivating the difference.
  • Broadcast: TV > TF1 group, France 5 (Billboard “Silence, it grows!”) & Web
VillaVerde, present at every stage of life

We are witnessing some notable memories from the life of our main character, Arthur.

A moment in the garden center when he was playing with his grandmother as a child, an afternoon when as a teenager he “dodged” to join his girlfriend, and the day when, as an adult, he decided to propose to his future wife.

At each of these important moments, the young man with a tender heart, a little mischievous and a bit clumsy, uses products from the three Villa Verde universes and diverts them from their original use to achieve his ends…

3 spots of 20 sc TV & Web formats
  • 1 – childhood = pet universe
  • 2 – adolescence = decoration universe
  • 3 – adulthood = garden universe
  • A “short film” of 1min20s dedicated to the web.
2 days of shooting – Team of 15 people

Spotting, scripting, casting, filming, decoration, production, photo shoots, editing, color grading, sound-design, voice-over, musical composition.

Working on the multi-generational dimension
  • We express the longevity of the brand: its history and the “long-term” relationship that develops between it and its customers.
  • The evocation of childhood, adolescence and youth brings a familiar, family and multi-generational dimension, where everyone recognizes themselves. This implies the proximity that the brand wishes to establish with its customers, showing how much it resembles us.
  • We find this closeness in the benevolent and human posture of each of the characters. The acts staged are slightly “transgressive” or clumsy, but remain harmless, make people smile and are synonymous with nostalgia and romanticism in the collective imagination.
  • Villa Verde is only present through the products and in humorous form, this posture denotes a real humility and authenticity of the brand which does not stage itself and prefers to tell stories that touch us.


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